Utah Adopts Academy of Reading, Math

Academy of Reading and Academy of Math products from AutoSkill International have been adopted by the Utah State Department of Education as “recommended student resources.”

The Academy of Reading was adopted as a Utah “recommended student resource” for grades K-11, including English as a Second Language (ESL) and special education. The Academy of Math received similar recommendation for grades K-8, including special education and ESL. The math product is a reader-friendly math intervention software solution that helps at-risk elementary, middle, and high school students build a strong foundation in mathematics. An optional instructional module, SpanishTutor, enables students to jumpstart the development of fluency in foundation reading and math skills by providing tutorials, assistance and motivational elements in Spanish.

The Utah State Department of Education selects curriculum materials that support its goal that all students have educational opportunities to meet their potential and achieve competency. In a recent study (Evergreen, WI), students showed gains in reading proficiency of two grade-level equivalents on the Cloze paragraph test and 192 Lexile scores, on average, after 14 hours of training with the Academy of Reading. Gains were 1.4 times greater than in a comparison group of non-users.