Veative Takes To BETT 2023 To Show What VR Education Can Be

(Image credit: Future)

Veative is a well-established VR brand that was created purely for education purposes, as was shown at Bett 2023. While there are more and more virtual reality headsets out there, Veative stands out as unique. Unlike many others this is a totally independent system, so you don't need a computer, smartphone, or even internet to use this.

A Veative spokesperson told us: "This is a totally independent VR system where all the content is loaded directly on to the headsets, which are battery powered. No cables, no computers, and no internet are needed to run these."

That makes these ideal for school use as it can be moved between classes, very little technical training is required, and no costly computer systems are needed to run everything.

On top of all that, Veative has been producing content for years so there are masses of educational VR experiences from which to choose. With more than 670 modules for both VR and AR, you can access 100+ hours of immersive content. And since this is a global brand, it is aligned with more than 20 curricula and is offered in five languages.


(Image credit: Veative)

For older students there are unique career discovery and CTE options with gamified interactions. For younger students there are STEM learning and specific subject modules covering physics, math, biology, ELL, chemistry, virtual tours, special ed, and more.

Everything can be managed from an app, which allows educators to monitor student progress, set work, analyze data, and more.

Veative Full is available now for $10 per user per year. Or go for the Library Mode, in which anyone can grab a device and use it, for $200 per VR headset per year.

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