Vernier Releases Free Data Logging Software for ‘Dell-powered Inspirion Mini 9

‘Dell-powered Inspirion Mini 9’ is the latest netbook to use Vernier’s ‘Logger Lite®’ software at no cost

Vernier’s award-winning Logger Lite® software continues the company’s commitment to affordable computing for STEM education. Vernier Software & Technology is at the forefront of helping to make low-cost one-to-one computing a reality for students by developing its free software, Logger Lite, for the Inspirion Mini 9.

The growing relationships between Vernier and PC developers exemplifies Vernier’s dedication to providing outstanding educational opportunities in the science arena. Logger Lite is award-winning software that provides fundamental graphing and analysis tools for K-12 science students. Combined with Vernier probeware, Logger Lite gives students the ability to explore the world around them, draw predictions, collect real-world data and make conclusions based on their analyses. Both a Windows XP and a Linux version of the software are available for free downloading from

“As educators continue to stretch school budgets in these lean times, the subnotebook computer becomes an affordable solution for one-to-one computing,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier and former physics teacher. “At Vernier, we strive for versatility and innovation, while ensuring that teachers have affordable tools to include scientific inquiry in their instruction. By retooling our free Logger Lite software for the new netbooks coming on the market, we are ensuring that the technology teachers have access to in the classroom works well for science instruction.”

The Dell-powered Inspirion Mini 9 is the newest of the PC netbooks supported by Logger Lite. Free Logger Lite software is available for traditional computers running Windows or OS X, netbooks running Windows XP, and many netbooks running Linux.