Vernier Software & Technology Releases New Activity Module to Teach Physics Concepts

Vernier Software & Technology has released the Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct Sensor Cart downloadable activity module to engage students in hands-on learning as they investigate key STEM concepts. The seven ready-to-use experiments found in the activity module explore frictional forces, motion, and simple machines, such as the lever, ramp, and pulley, using the  Go Direct® Sensor Cart and other materials typically found in the classroom. The new activity module will be on display at the TCEA Convention in San Antonio, Texas, from February 5 to February 7, 2019 at Vernier booth #1078.

With the Go Direct Sensor Cart, students can collect force, position, velocity, and acceleration data directly on their devices using Bluetooth® wireless technology, without the need for any additional equipment. This latest addition to the Vernier dynamics cart system incorporates built-in wireless sensors to reduce setup time. In addition, the cart can collect data on or off a track. Experiments in the activity module that utilize the Go Direct Sensor Cart include Investigating Friction, Levers as Machines, Ramps as Machines, and Newton’s Second Law, among others.

The activity module provides teachers with electronic access to the most up-to-date versions of all of the experiments, as well as word-processing files of student pages so teachers can edit the experiments to match their teaching styles. It also includes teaching tips, suggested answers, and sample data and graphs.

The Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct Sensor Cart activity module is available for $20. To learn more, visit