Visual Searching


  • This is a unique and fun way to search
  • Go to KartOO, which calls itself a “visual meta search engine.”
  • Type in your search topic and click Go.
  • A “map” with interactive links to related Web pages appears.
  • Click on any of the links. At the left will appear a tiny image of that Web page. Click the image to go to that particular Web page.
  • Also appearing on the left is a list of folders. Clicking on any brings up even more links.
  • Because kartOO is visual it enables one to easily grasp the relationships between various topics and sub-topics. Exploring such relationships might make for interesting classroom discussions about knowledge and levels of understanding.
  • You can print, save, and even send your kartOO “map.”
  • Finally, users can even add a site to KartOO.
  • Spend some time exploring KartOO. You’ll find it a refreshing change from Google.

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