VizZle Visual Learning

VizZle Visual Learning Price: $899.99 includes 6 student players, with unlimited number of students per teacher.

(Top) The newest VizZle template is called
Phonics, and it allows creation of customized
reading activities targeting both phonics and
word comprehension using both still and video
(Middle) VizZle games, like this one (showing
a pop-up quiz that opened when a player
landed on a square) are good for small groups,
creating a joint focus and promoting social skills practice during play.
(Bottom) The shared library (with over 6,000 lessons, all of which are reviewed by moderators before being accepted) has academic subjects as well as behavioral and transitional lessons for every age level, because every template type is customizable.
VizZle Visual Learning is a Webbased program specifically designed for students on the autism spectrum. VizZle lets educators store lessons and tools, connect with the teaching team through shared student folders, make playlists, launch lessons, and track data. Teachers can customize any pre-made lesson from the shared library or create their own lesson using templates that support images, video, and audio. They can also search thousands of peerreviewed lessons created by other educators.

Quality and Effectiveness: Teachers set up a student profile with student personal data and IEP goals. Students go to their folder to complete teacher assignments. Teachers are not limited to one subject area. Teachers are not limited to on subject area and can make lessons on a wide variety of topics.

Ease of Use: The program is relatively easy to use. Each section has online tutorials to clarify how to make your own lesson. The software is truly intuitive, making it very easy to navigate the first time you enter your name and password.

Creative Use of Technology: Any teacher or therapist can develop an entire curriculum using this program. You can record your voice for the non-readers or insert quizzes or pop-up questions to increase expressive language. If you are making a story, you can add your own photos, Google images, and even videos.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The best part of the product is its ability collaborate within the teaching community. Teachers can choose another teacher’s lesson or create their own. The lesson formats range from matching boards, build a book, pix2go, sorting, and games. If you need a lesson on nutrition, for example, just go to “share type,” subject, grade, and voilà—a list appears. Select the lesson you like and drag and drop into your vizZle.


• Individuals can use vizZle to create custom lessons that are clear, relevant, interactive, and diversified.
• The ability to collaborate with other teachers is another stand-out feature.
• VizZle is one program that will cross the curriculum in all grades.

OVERALL RATING: This program is one of the best I have seen. If you are a teacher or therapist who enjoys making lessons to meet individual and class needs, this is the program to get.