Web plagiarism study

Web plagiarism study

iParadigms, creators of Turnitin, recently released the results of a new study of plagiarism. Key findings include:

¦ A third of all content matched in the study is from social networking, content sharing, and questionand- answer sites on which users contribute and share content.

¦ A quarter of all matched material is from legitimate educational Web sites, almost double the amount from paper mills and cheat sites.

¦ Fifteen percent of matched content comes directly from sites that promote and benefit from academic dishonesty.

¦ Paper mills and cheat sites are the third most popular category for matched content.

¦ Wikipedia is the most popular site for matched content.

The full study, entitled “Plagiarism: Myths and Realities,” can be downloaded at http://tinyurl.com/4y6ktzc.