Web-based Spreadsheets

Have you wanted to be able to create and share a spreadsheet — online? "Num Sum" is a Web-based spreadsheet application with many of the same features as Excel as well as with some pretty cool social aspects tied in. This means you can share progress reports, track reports, or do any other number of things you could do with a desktop spreadsheet like Excel. Num Sum lets you input formulas, links, and other information into a spreadsheet. If you want, you can even post the spreadsheet to your blog.

  1. Name the spreadsheet.
  2. Add a description, an optional choice.
  3. Add tags — also optional — so you can share your spreadsheet.

After you create your spreadsheet you can save it so you can use it or share it with others. Search Num Sum to find other spreadsheets that you can use. Note: Google has also released a Web-based spreadsheet. Check the Home Page or the feature-rich "More" page for further details.

Submitted by:
Barbara Bray
President, My eCoach
Oakland, CA

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