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Archiving Email

My district is recommending that we save all Emails related to work. I don’t want to print and file all these. How do I manage this? Your district is probably responding to the fact that work-related Emails have been subpoenaed in several recent court cases. There is a growing expectation that these

Email Tracking

Listen to the podcast Question: How do you find the country of origin of an email? Mehran The IT Guy says: I get some interesting email from some very distant locations. I keep getting copies of an email in Spanish for a shop in Santiago, Chile, which offers organ or accordion lessons via

When Business, Personal Time Intersect

The recent suspension of an Okaloosa County (FL) School District employee for conducting personal business on district time raises questions over district policies. Lisa Nall, a technology trainer, was suspended for five days without pay for using district time and

It's Always the Last Place You Look!

Question: Computers are great...for losing stuff. Very often I want to find a file that I know I saved and it seems to have disappeared. Or I am in a long Word file and cannot find a particular item. What can I do? The IT Guy says: Another vastly underrated computer feature is the "Find" function. While I wouldn't

When Do you Say No?

Our technology coordinator has an opportunity to bring a large grant to my site, but the proposal is really her personal project and she doesn't have the staff's support. Should I encourage her to proceed and hope for the best? It's difficult to turn down a funding opportunity, particularly in bad financial