Working In Tandem: Team up the Library Media Specialist and Tech Coordinator

Our Library Media Specialist (LMS) has long promoted use of technology in the Library/Media Center (LMC). Now I have an opportunity to hire an on-site technology coordinator to focus on technology integration across the curriculum. I'd like these two specialists to work as a team. What do you think?

This can be a wonderful opportunity to offer staff and students a well-articulated, technology-enriched learning environment!

The American Association of School Librarians has long encouraged LMSs to work collaboratively with teachers to plan instructional units that harness the power of technology use and the wealth of resources available in the LMC. Unfortunately, the depth of collaboration is often limited by time restrictions and the inability of the LMS to be in classrooms to provide additional support. By hiring a technology coordinator who has a background in curriculum and a willingness to work in a team situation, students and teachers can reap the benefits of working with two specialists to cooperatively plan rich lessons, knowing that technical support will be available in the LMC and the classroom.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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