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Developing Useful 21st Century Skills

  You know that classrooms have to be flexible in order accommodate various learning styles.  Why would your PD program be any different?
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When it comes to the actual development of 21st century skills, it is important to respect that your participants all learn differently, just as their students do. You know that classrooms have to be flexible in order accommodate various learning styles. Why would your PD program be any different? Be sure to offer various types of training to your participants so they can learn the what, why and how of 21st century skills.

• What are 21st century skills?
• Why do they matter?
• How can I apply 21st century skills in my classroom?

Also, it is important to realize that your teachers are busy. The types of training that you provide them with all need to be brief, context-specific and available on-demand. Your PD program is an addition to your participants' normal workload, so if you instead choose to provide them with tedious coursework, often containing information that is not applicable to the individual, you may be setting yourself up for significantly decreased participation.

Individualization is not the only key to a successful development of 21st century skills; project-based learning encourages teachers to apply the skills they are learning. As a result of solving real problems through projects with their new 21st century skills, teachers develop a deeper understanding of how they can apply their new skills in their classrooms and more effectively teach them to their students.

Next week, we will be discussing the best ways to analyze progress.

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Because every district’s, school’s and employee's 21st century skills knowledge differs, it is crucial that you understand the state of your participants'  21st century skills before they start to develop new skills. In order to customize your PD program on

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Partnership for 21st Century Skills The Partnership website is an excellent place to learn what 21st century skills are, why they are important and who is supporting their development. Perhaps the most valuable section for teachers and administrators is the section on Framework Resources. Here

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21st-Century skills rewarded

 Students from New Castle Junior and Senior High School were awarded the 2008-2009 Project Ignition Best of the Best Award from State Farm and the National Youth Leadership Council (, during the 20th Annual National Service-Learning Conference held in Nashville, TN. The New Castle “Drive Safe” team used writing, math and communications skills to build an effective service-learning project that has touched the lives of thousands and inspired peers to join their effort.  Click through for more details: 

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Students need 21st century skills to succeed and compete in today’s global workplace. In order for teachers to help their students learn these skills, they need a solid understanding of the skills themselves and the ability to integrate them into their classrooms.

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