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Educators: What motivates you?

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Back to school is an exciting time – both for students and educators. While back to school in itself might be motivation to develop yourself professionally, when you have a moment of downtime, what do you find motivates you?

Take a look at what those attending the ISTE conference felt motivated them in their role as educators.The I AM [an educator] sharing project was created by Atomic Learning to acknowledge educators (as well as all those who inspire, encourage and support them), and honor all that they do to ensure today's students receive the best education. Do you have your own I AM [an educator]story to tell?

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What You Can Do Environment Canada wants everybody to know how they can be an important part of Canada’s environmental health. This website has special sections directed at students and ideas for them to contribute to a green future for their school, community, country and globe.

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What’s New

Adobe has unveiled their newest cloud offering, Adobe Document Cloud, offering a new way to manage critical documents for educational institutions across devices.

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The iPad storytelling app, Adobe Slate, is now available in a Web-based version, enabling users to create professional-quality content with text and photos on the desktop.

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