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Reform PD for Student Success

 Teaching is constantly evolving
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Teaching is constantly evolving. Not only is the content evolving, but with the rapid advance of technology, the tools for learning are changing continually as well.

Help educators grasp these concepts and integrate them into their curriculum:

  • Social networks
  • mobile learning devices
  • web 2.0
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • blended learning
  • cloud computing

These tools will have a huge impact on learning, but unless educators are up to speed, they will not have an effect in education. The possibility of education becoming irrelevant because our educators are technology-illiterate is very real.

The best hope we have for real reform may lie in reforming PD first. IT directors are tech content experts, and may not know what educators need to know in order to teach their respective subjects. Educators are content experts in their respective areas, and technology is not necessarily their strength. Let’s meet in the middle and strive for preparing college- and career-ready students.

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PD goals for 2011

The substantial ARRA EETT investment in technology, innovation and K-12 education reform gave several states the ability to begin to address the demand for technology-based school improvement

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