10 Great Stem Resources

Check out these “stemtastic” sites identified by educator and consultant Michael Gorman:

1 Science Buddies features over 1,000 project ideas, science activities for quick exploration, and lots of inspiration for science fun.

2 Algodoo is an amazing free program that encourages users to be creative and play with physics. Make anything you can dream up and make it do anything you want.

3 Code Academy’s mission is to teach the world how to code, for free. Their resources include teacher training and lesson plans.

4 Maker Camp is a free summer camp where kids ages 13-18 can make awesome projects, go on epic virtual “field trips,” and meet the world’s coolest makers.

5 EchoEarth utilizes service-learning and rich online resources to equip youth to identify and solve environmental challenges in their communities.

6 Graphite makes it easier for educators to find the best apps, games, and Web sites for the classroom.

7 Popplet helps students think and learn visually and conceptually as they capture facts, thoughts, and images and learn to create relationships between them.

8 AAS—The American Astronomical Society offers a wealth of STEM information on the study of the universe and resources to enrich the STEM classroom.

9 STEM Education Coalition works aggressively to raise awareness about STEM education and offers many ideas, facts, research, and resources.

10 EDpuzzle enables you to find and customize any video (crop it and add notes, questions, voice overs) for use in your class.