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10 Sites for Creating Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are a great learning tool for visual learners, and David Kapular has compiled a list of Web sites that make it easy to create beautiful and functional graphic organizers:

1. Exploratree ( is a great visual site with lots of templates for creating a mind map.

2. Mind42 ( is an easy-to-use collaborative mindmapping site with plenty of templates.

3. MindMeister ( is a beautiful mind-mapping site with the ability to embed into a site or blog.

4. MindMup ( is an easy-to-use site for creating brainstorms or mind maps.

5. Mindomo ( is a brainstorming app that also lets users flip their classrooms, collaborate, comment, and much more.

6. Popplet ( is an excellent app that allows students to think and learn visually by brainstorming and mind-mapping.

7. StoryboardThat ( features an educational portal that educators are using in a variety of ways to create timelines, storyboards, graphic organizers (t-charts, grids, etc.), and more.

8. TotSplash ( is a fun site for creating and organizing ideas into a brainstorm or mind map.

9. Webspiration Classroom ( is a popular Web-based program for creating visual brainstorms that can quickly and easily be turned into an outline.

10. WiseMapping ( is a great site for creating visual mind maps and brainstorms.