A Guide to Software as a Service in Education: Increasing ROI and Efficiency with Cloud Computing

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School districts are experiencing increased demands on their networks, infrastructure, and personnel at a time of budget constraints. IT directors must manage this growing phenomenon of too much IT stuff without enough staff. New technologies promise transformation of operational systems and educational processes, and many districts have discovered that software as a service (SaaS) – also known as applications that are "in the cloud", web-based, online, or on-demand-is a way to save time and money and improve services. This eBook will detail the benefits of SaaS and explain the details of why schools should consider SaaS to increase their technology return on investment, decrease the total cost of technology ownership, and improve operational efficiency.

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Cloud services for education

IBM today announced  the IBM SmartCloud for Education, a set of cloud services and offerings designed to help education systems leverage predictive analytics, enhance researcher effectiveness, and alleviate constrained lab resources for learning. 

New Education Cloud Solutions and Services

Dell launched today its Next Generation Learning Platform, which integrates core education applications, digital learning resources and learning data to help educators address specific learning styles.

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The Cloud

When it comes to running a district’s online operations, the general consensus of this working group was not answering the questions “if?” or “why?” go with a cloud-based strategy but “when?” and “how best?”