Access to a Digital Reading Tool Empowers Students to Discover and Enjoy eBooks

Access to a Digital Reading Tool Empowers Students to Discover and Enjoy eBooks

The promise of educational technology is that it allows every student to experience instruction tailored to his or her learning style and specific learning needs. Equity of access and the opportunity for deep personalization are founding principles of many 1:1 programs. Most educators believe that the integration of technology into the curriculum supports the learning of all students but especially those students who face additional challenges.

This is especially true for ELL students or students with dyslexia, which is the most common language-based learning disability. Although Sora, the new reading app from OverDrive Education, was created to excite all students about reading, it has specific benefits for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning challenges. Sora provides IEP support with audiobooks, dyslexic font, enlarged text, Read-Alongs and more.

In addition, all students can benefit from reading enhancements such as notes, highlights, and defined words that can be exported from the app. By making reading easier and more pleasurable, Sora allows students to take a journey in their imagination that broadens the necessary knowledge base to help them develop critical thinking, skill mastery, and citizenship.

Educators demo on how easy it is for students to discover their next great read.

Reimagining the Student Reading Experience

Sora was specifically designed as a K-12 digital tool to support individualized learning and to standardize the student’s reading experience across devices. Intuitive design and in-app help reduce questions for teachers and other school staff so that students can spend more time reading and learning.

Students are more engaged in their reading with interactions with achievements and avatars. With just one tap, they can borrow a book from the library and begin reading. Educators can restrict content based on grade level and group titles into class sets as well as include personalization formats like audiobooks and tools such as dyslexic font available through Sora to engage all readers, no matter their reading level, preference or pace. There are even resources for educators to help students discover their next great read.

Students will love:

  • Easy onboarding—simply find your school and log in using school credentials.
  • IEP support-audio books, dyslexic font, enlarged text, Read-Alongs.
  • Unified experience across devices and operating systems.
  • Simple, one-tap step to borrow and start reading.
  • Reading enhancements including notes, highlights and defined words, all of which can be exported from the app.
  • Automatic syncing of loans, holds, noted, highlights, defined words, activity and achievements across multiple devices.

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