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Addition with Pictures

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Try this math review site that offers practice problems of all sorts. This particular game is geared toward kindergarten students who can count pictures to practice addition up to 10. The game is timed and progress is recorded along the side of the page. A great drill in basic skills for free, up to a limit of twenty practice practice problems per day.

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Visual sketch: Eurasia in pictures

Stuck inside on a cold winter's day? Why not virtually venture across the largest land mass in world? Through photos and commentary, Japanese photographer Yoshiaki Kitas documents how people's lives and surroundings vary by climate and elevation across Eurasia and

BEESWAX: Picture and News from Around the World

 BEESWAX is a photographic news reporting service that uses briefly captioned photographs to inform young learners about recent newsworthy events from every corner of the globe. Updated twice weekly. courtesy of netTrekker

Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time

This Smithsonian exhibit on Ernest Hemingway includes images and detailed information on his early years, relationships with other authors, the Paris years, middle and later years, and his writings. The photographs in the exhibit underscore the many facets of Hemingway's