And the Winner Is…Tech’d Out AV Does a Victory Lap

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ProjectorCentral’s 2019 Best of the Year Award

Casio’s Superior XJ-S400UN LampFree boasts the unbeatable combo of innovative offerings and an impressive price point. The projector is outfitted with next-gen mercury-free LED and Laser hybrid light source. The R-Hybrid Light Source produces clear and brilliant colors, but keeps the budget and eco-friendly service life of up to 20,000 hours without the need to change a lamp.

"Casio's hybrid laser/led solid-state light source offers the low-maintenance benefits of any laser projector, but in an exceptionally compact form factor here that's said to be among the smallest in its 4,000-lumen class," said ProjectorCentral editor-in-chief Rob Sabin. “This, combined with affordable pricing and the company's exceptional suite of ES convenience and sharing tools for educators, prompted our ProjectorCentral 2019 Best of the Year award."

Bonus for the classroom user, Casio’s Educational Solutions collab package offers an Auto Input Search so teachers can start class quickly by simply plugging the PC into the projector. One Click Connection allows wireless projection by simply clicking on the dedicated icon for each classroom on your device— perfect for shared space situations as each educator can maintain dedicated access for their lesson plans. Wireless PC/Projector Remote Operation and Moderator Function let educators choose between displaying their own screen, or sharing the work of any connected student—with up to 40 devices connected to the projector at one time and up to four devices on-screen simultaneously.

CEC Best of Innovation Award 2020

Samsung Sero borders on comical at first glance, a full sized display that spins to switch between portrait or landscape like some oversized smartphone accidentally dropped down the beanstalk. But with further consideration, it’s a smart, smart concept. Mobile devices have become ingrained in our entertainment, social lives and education. So why not have a large display that shows off all the details and offers a large enough viewing field to watch with friends or classmates, that also displays like a phone?

Watching video content on phones and tablets has become the norm for most students, and when a closer look is needed, most are able to cast that content onto a display or TV. Seamless for widescreen viewing, but social media videos and other forms of vertically oriented content are stuck at a fraction of the screen size. The Sero (aka “vertical” in Korean) is equipped with an automated rotating display that switches between horizontal or vertical viewing. It syncs with your smartphone to play content, and can automatically adjust its orientation to the video that you are playing. This combines the pros of a QLED screen and when paired with a 5G dongle, becomes future-proof, ready for next-gen speed and content.

CEC 2020 Innovation Award Honoree

Acer C250i Portable LED Projector is as user-friendly and adaptable as it gets. This handy little tech is stand-free, able broadcast imagery on walls, ceilings or any surface needed without a cart, fixture or tripod in sight. It’s cool cylindrical design is tempered by multiple angled/flat surfaces to help support the chosen pose— simply roll it along until the angle is achieved. What brings this flexibility next level is the addition of Auto-Portrait Mode, a first in the projector game. Video and content displays sans black side bars. In short, this projector is TikTok ready.

In addition to the hip new design features, the portable LED projector features Full HD resolution, a battery that lasts up to 5 hours and wireless connectivity, needs no time warming up and features an LED module that lasts up to 30,000 hours.

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