Assessment Secrets to Student Achievement

Assessment Secrets to Student Achievement

Students in the U.S. today show a high interest in attending college after graduating from high school, but getting them there is proving to be a challenge for educators.

The disparity in expectations between students’ goals and outcomes is wide and growing. Although their overall desire to attend college has increased over the past two decades—93 percent of middle school students now say that is their goal—less than half actually enroll in college and only 26 percent graduate within six years of enrolling.

Meanwhile, researchers predict that within the next decade, 63 percent of all jobs in the U.S. and nearly all high-wage jobs in growing industries will require some college education. What happens when these trends eventually intersect?

Given that 20 percent of incoming freshmen at four-year institutions, and half of those at two-year colleges, are enrolling in some type of remedial coursework, preparedness is a forefront issue. K−12 educators can help reduce the gap between expectations and outcomes by addressing the need for ongoing assessments throughout the students’ educational careers.

Assessments provide actionable data that educators can use to understand strengths and weaknesses among individual students, and then create improvement and intervention plans that help them achieve their goals. By ensuring that students are learning the necessary skills as they advance through elementary, middle, and secondary schooling, educators can prepare students for life beyond K−12.

Acuity® from McGraw Hill Education can help you measure how students are achieving in alignment with their goals and the Career- and College-Readiness Standards (CCRS) from the U.S. Department of Education.

Using Data to Inform District Planning

Data is playing an increasingly large role in helping school districts across the U.S. adequately plan for learning needs, and Acuity is giving educators the tools to merge the art and science of education.

Learn the Benefits of Acuity From Educators

Don’t let data intimidate you. See how educators like you are using Acuity to benefit their students and school districts.

Boosting Student Achievement with Personalized Instruction

Through Acuity, acting on data from interim educational assessments can be fun for students. Read how Acuity’s resources can help students increase their progress.