Back-to-School Product Showcase

Back-to-School Product Showcase

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• ADTRAN Pro-Cloud Wi-Fi

• Alma

• Canvas by Instructure

• Carrier 30 Cart with Sync & Charge Tray

• Compass Learning

• Education Galaxy

• ELMO Elite P2MP

• ExploreLearning

• GradeAnything by Turnitin

• GuideK12

• Jupiter iO All-in-One Gradebook - LMS-Data Analytic Solution

• LearnPad

• MackinVIA

• Net Texts

• NetSupport School

• Read&Write Family of Products

• Fluency Tutor for Google

• PLEx Life Science

• QwertyTown

• The Shield for iPad (MAX808)

• Sphere2 and ClassSend Student Engagement Software Platform

• TabChargeCT2 - 40 Device Charge Cart

• VariQuest Perfecta 2400 Poster Design System

• XJ-UT310WN

ADTRAN Pro-Cloud Wi-Fi

As school districts’ Wi-Fi needs grow, they are turning to ADTRAN ProCloud Wi-Fi managed services to handle the growth of BYOD and 1:1 computing on their network. Pro-Cloud Wi-Fi grants appropriate Wi-Fi access to users (i.e. students, faculty, staff, etc.) and provides the IT resources needed to help districts manage the increased use of student- and faculty-owned mobile devices and educational applications on the network.


Alma is a modern, affordable K-12 school management system that brings together school, classroom and student information and tools in one place. Alma’s all-in-one approach and intuitive interface saves educators’ time while providing better insights into student learning. Alma also supports progressive education models such as proficiency-based grading and backward curriculum design. With 100+ free core features and optional paid add-ons, schools can create a tailored solution that meets their unique needs and budget.

Canvas by Instructure
Canvas by Instructure is the learning management system that makes teaching and learning easier. Canvas connects teachers, tools, ideas, and students, and then stays out of the way. With all the built-in features you need and the integrations you want, Canvas helps take teaching to a higher level. Visit for more information.

Carrier 30 Cart with Sync & Charge Tray
More flexibility, modular, truly universal. The Carrier 30 is an “everything” cart available for all types of mobile devices. Secure and transport up to 30 tablets. This essential cart features six 5-unit removable baskets that will accommodate any tablet on the market. Includes a sync and charge tray.

Compass Learning®

Compass Learning® offers a full suite of software and service solutions precision-built to help educators deliver intervention, blended learning, credit recovery, and project-based learning to students from Kindergarten to grade 12. Available 24/7 via desktop, laptop, or mobile device, our learning acceleration software™ combines rigorous, research-based instruction with fun digital content and real-time, actionable data to produce greater student progress faster.

Education Galaxy
Look! Alien brains are everywhere!!! Curiously fun, amazingly effective, and refreshingly affordable. Education Galaxy wildly engages students while helping them prepare for state test. Education Galaxy rewards students’ progress throughout the year so that the program stays exciting and never boring. Education Galaxy is built to the rigor of Common Core or your state standards. Teachers everywhere are raving about the benefits Education Galaxy provides for their classroom.

The NEW ELMO Elite P2MP solution merges traditional, live teaching material with digital content and distributes lessons in real-time to every student in a 1:1 classroom. The ELMO Elite P2MP Max reaches up to 40* students and can integrate every piece of technology from the ELMO document camera to iPads and Tablets. ELMO Elite P2MP requires just one connection from the host computer to the ELMO P2MP Box for easy setup.

*Actual number of the connected devices may vary due to the environment

ExploreLearning® develops online solutions to improve student learning in math and science. We currently offer two award-winning products: ExploreLearning Gizmos® is the world’s largest library of online simulations for math and science in grades 3-12 that helps students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through active inquiry and exploration, and ExploreLearning Reflex® is the world’s most effective (and most fun!) system for developing student fluency with basic math facts.

Grade Anything by Turnitin
Grade Anything allows instructors across the curriculum to check student submissions for originality and provide rich, meaningful feedback on virtually any type of assignment. Students and instructors using Turnitin can now submit any file type-or no file at all-to allow instructors to literally Grade Anything. Learn more at

GuideK12 is web-based software that provides administrators the ability to visualize student data with a geographic component on an interactive map for real time scenario planning. District administrators can instantly query on any student characteristic to understand the impact of a new idea. If you are working on boundary changes, referendum planning, resource placement, emergency preparedness, school choice tracking or academic performance analysis, GuideK12 can help your administrative team be more effective, efficient and insightful.

Jupiter iO All-in-One Gradebook- LMS-Data Analytic and SIS Solution
Jupiter iO creates a seamless process of student learning, assessment, reporting, data management, and data analytics for K12 schools. Jupiter iO, is a highly affordable, scalable and reliable all-in-one gradebook, L MS, data analytics and SIS , cloud-based solution. For the past ten years, Jupiter Ed has proven to be the leader in education technology innovation and currently serves schools in 49 states to over 3.4 million students.

LearnPad offers a classroom tablet solution that enhances, supports and simplifies teaching and learning. Implementing LearnPad gives teachers an intuitive way to supervise and control student devices, lessons and activities, easily enabling differentiation of instruction and access to digital content. LearnPad supports the shift in instruction from whole class to personalized learning, enabling the delivery of new and existing materials at the right pace and level for each child’s needs.

For more than 30 years, Mackin Educational Resources has provided library and classroom materials for grades PK-12. Known the world over for exemplary service and a stringent attention to detail, Mackin has access to more than 18,000 publishers and a collection of more than 3.5 million printed titles. Additionally, Mackin features a robust selection of more than 300,000 eBook titles and databases and close to 50,000 audio books and video resources available through their state-of-the-art, free eResource management system, MackinVIA. Their powerful eReader features reading assistance tools such as note-taking, highlighting, and dictionaries. For more information, visit or call 800-245-9540.

Net Texts
Net Texts is a two part system, a content management system and an app. The CMS has open educational resources (OER) organized into textbook replacement courses. If the teacher prefers, they can mix-and-match their own material with OER that has been tagged and sorted by subject, grade, and common core state standard. These courses are consumed through a device agnostic app. Once the materials are downloaded to local storage all content can be viewed without Wi-Fi.

NetSupport School
NetSupport School maximizes the use of classroom technology by allowing instructors to observe and interact with students’ computers while continuously evaluating student’s progress. A unique feature set including quiz and multi-media testing tools, application and internet controls, audio monitoring, and a technician console that allows remote support & problem resolution. NetSupport School combines support for multiple environments including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome environments to offer a true ‘any platform’ classroom.

Read&Write Family of Products
Students struggling with reading and writing? Give them the supports they need with Read&Write software for PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, or iPads! These proven software solutions help those with reading and writing difficulties, learning disabilities, or English Language Learners - Anytime, Anywhere.

Download FREE trials of Read&Write Gold for PC or Mac at

Get a FREE trial of Read&Write for Google™ on the Chrome Web Store

Order iReadWrite iPad App on iTunes

Fluency Tutor™ for Google
Fluency Tutor™ for Google offers a user-friendly and time-saving leveled reading and assessment tool on the Google platform to help teachers support and assess emerging or struggling readers, or individuals learning English as a second language. Students build self-esteem and confidence while independently practicing reading aloud and recording passages shared by their teacher. Teachers listen to student recordings and track progress at their convenience. Get Fluency Tutor for Google for Free on the Chrome Store!

PLEx Life Science
The PLEx Life Science Suite is an innovative solution pairing six engaging learning games for students with dynamic curriculum for educators. The game-based curriculum units are mapped to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and Benchmarks for Science Literacy, giving students comprehensive exposure to key scientific concepts that demand process-oriented critical thinking. The curriculum structure creates opportunity for reflection and reinforcement through complementary classroom activities themed around the games.

QwertyTown is a web-based keyboarding app that teaches typing and online communication skills to elementary and middle school students. While developing fluency in keyboarding, students learn how to communicate with classmates and teachers in an online environment. Students are driven to succeed by QwertyTown’s gamification features, social motivation, powerful teacher reports, and a deep understanding of how meaningful keyboarding and literacy skills are to their lives in and out of school.

The Shield for iPad (MAX808)
The Max Cases “Shield” is the ultimate case offering robust protection for your iPad. Thick walls and corners provide maximum protection for your prized possession (iPad 2-4, Air and Mini models). The “Shield” case passes a standard 6′ drop test. The integrated polycarbonate screen protector provides unmatched scratch protection without compromising style and feel. The “Shield” comes with asset tag windows that makes it an ideal choice for the inventory conscience user.

Sphere2 & ClassSend Student Engagement Software Platform
Aver’s Sphere2 software adds enhanced visual capabilities to lesson creation, 1:1 engagement and collaboration. With the ability to add multiple cameras and content in one screen, teachers can transmit screenshots to students’ devices over existing Wi-Fi networks. The ClassSendStudent Engagement App lets students interact and engage with their teacher’s document camera-based lessons. Working in conjunction with Sphere2, ClassSend provides immersive, 1:1 collaboration by allowing students to use their devices to interact directly with lesson content.

TabChargeCT2 - 40 Device Charge Cart
TabChargeCT2 is AVer’s latest advancement in charging cart technology, combining stylish design with sturdy construction and an innovative and efficient intelligent charging system. TabChargeCT2 continuously monitors the power requirements for up to 40 devices and automatically determines the most efficient charging sequence. No programming required – automatic, safe and efficient! TabChargeCT2 continues AVer’s dedication to providing industry-leading rugged, durable, versatile and easy-to-use charge cart solutions that hold several devices, yet are compact and maneuverable.

VariQuest Perfecta 2400™ Poster Design System
Designed by the makers of the original PosterPrinter™, the VariQuest Perfecta™ 2400 is the ideal solution for printing full-color posters and banners right at your school! The all-inclusive system comes with the printer, touch-screen workstation, software, thousands of templates, a scanner and starter supplies. Creating large instructional visuals, like anchor charts and graphic organizers and reinforcing positive behavior with colorful and inspiring posters is now easy and affordable with the VariQuest Perfecta™ 2400.

The Casio LampFree® Ultra Short Throw XJ-UT310WN can project crisp, shadow free images up to a 100” diagonal screen. It is designed with a very close throw ratio (0:28:1) lens enabling an 80” image room just 1.5 feet away. The XJ-UT310WN lens produces 3100 lumens of brightness output with a WXGA resolution ideal for both school settings and HD content display. Connectivity includes Video, Computer, HDMI terminals with audio, audio out, and a 16W speaker.