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Books to Teach the 6+1 Traits of Writing

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The Six Traits of Writing are presented in this PDF resource using lists of books to illustrate each trait. This list includes picture books as well as chapter books. The picture books are great to use for any age group and provide a way to illustrate the separate traits quickly for older students and they get a kick out of having books from their childhood as part of the curriculum. The document also includes a bilingual book list from the National Education Association.

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 Find practices, strategies and resources for incorporating writing in all areas of the curriculum. Learn how to write clear assignments and how to grade your students' writing more efficiently. From George Mason University.  Courtesy of nettrekker

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Writing Guide Useful for both middle and high school students, this writing guide walks users through all the steps of writing a good essay. Using graphics and examples, it makes the information easy to follow and understand. Topics include: traditional, thematic and DBQ essays; paragraphs; outlines;