But Does It Work? Evaluating Our Nation's One-to-One Initiatives (a K-12 Blueprint eBook)

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This eBook explores what we are learning from local, state-level and national research into the impact of one-to-one computing on students, teachers and schools. To what degree are these ambitious programs living up to their promise? How can they be improved? And how do we build evaluation into all our endeavors going forward so that we maximize results and improve understanding about what works and what doesn't when it comes to education and technology?

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One-to-one at work in Texas initiative

As the 155 students in Matthew Norris’ six math classes begin the school year, each has use of a tablet computer with access to a multitude of programs and the internet.

Does One-to-One Work? A Review of the Literature

from Educators' eZine --> How should we use technology in the classroom? So much time, money and effort is spent on placing technology into our classrooms but what works best? Should school districts be striving to get to the

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Fundamentals of K-12 Technology Programs

This new series, sponsored by HP, covers the educational technology topics that matter most to the profession's leaders, practitioners, and innovators as they plan and implement effective instructional technology integration programs.