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Captive Passage: The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Online exhibition from the Mariners' Museum chronicles the plight of African slaves. Follow their journey from the beginning when they are torn from their homeland. Descriptions of the boats, stowage, and conditions are provided. The exhibition chronicles the work of the slaves in the Americas. From the plantations in the Caribbean to the silver mines of South America, they would shape the landscape of the New World.

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The Living History Farm

Name: The Living History Farm Brief Description of the Site: Wessel's Living History Farm presents innovations in agriculture from the perspective of York County, Nebraska. Members of the Wessel Family, who first came from Germany to the U.S. in 1881, have chronicled farm life in a way that can provide students

The Story of Steam

 In Sept. 1753, the first steam engine imported into the American colonies landed at New York City. As part of Science Museum's online exhibit on the steam engine, this site chronicles the story of steam, highlighting the force of fire,

The Street

The Street This is an excellent attempt to demonstrate the concept of The Global Village to the elementary and even middle-school set. 'The Street' has five houses, each belonging to a family from a different country: Brazil, India, Ireland, Nigeria, and Turkey. Clicking on a house brings up

The Surfboard

The Surfboard From National Public Radio, this is a wonderful website, complete with audio links and images, about the history of the sport of surfing and the development of the surfboard. National Public Radio • Audio • Pictures and/or Illustrations •

The Iceman

The Iceman You may recall the 5,300 year-old male found frozen in a glacier back in 1991. Here is a site from the museum which is now his final resting place. Students can see the actual 'mummy' and pictures depicting what he might have looked like when alive, along with well preserved artifacts.

The Aztec World

 As the companion website for Aztec World, an exhibition first mounted by the Field Museum in 2008, this resource provides concise briefings on key aspects of Aztec society. It also explores the enduring influence of Aztec culture from the Spanish

The Chronicles of Travelin' Ted!

Name: The Chronicles of Travelin' Ted! Brief Description of the Site: The purpose of this project is to engage kindergarten through fourth grade students in the active study of geography, social studies, and cultural awareness through reading, language arts and the use of technology (by creating web pages for