CARET: Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology

Name:CARET: Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology

Brief Description of the Site:
International Society for Technology in Education produces CARET, their Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology. The site contains research-based articles on the role of technology in education. Specifically, research on student learning, curriculum and instruction, online teaching and learning, professional development and assessment and evaluation are featured.

How to use the site:
Any educator who needs research based information about the use of technology in education should begin here. Information from the research articles posted here would be helpful in writing any type of technology grant or supporting any technology initiative where a research component is mandatory or desired. Start by accessing the "Questions and Articles" section of the site to locate research-based information about the areas described in the first part of this review. Selecting any of the topics presents links in the form of questions, such as "How can technology influence student academic performance?" leads users to the articles that are associated with that question.

Submitted by:
David Jakes