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Climate Changing: A Series of Thought Provoking Events

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Play this game of Rizk from the Science Museum in London. The goal is to grow a plant, but you must protect it from the Threats that are released when you use resources to grow your plant. This is a sophisticated game that should hold the interest of a middle schooler and, possibly, even one in high school. The instructions are very detailed with lots of examples to show how to play. There are 15 levels to the game so there are plenty of opportunities to use critical thinking skills to balance the resources necessary for plant growth and assess the environment to determine what is the best to insure the plant’s health.

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Climate Changing: Rizk

In this game, students create the right conditions to grow a plant, gathering resources and providing protection from threats.

Sila: Clue in to Climate Change

Sila? It means 'climate' in the Inuit language. This colorful, interactive site geared to younger researchers profiles all aspects of climate change. Information is presented in a clear and attractive way. "Educators" section includes three school programs with downloadable PowerPoint

2.6 Million Years of Climate Change

2.6 Million Years of Climate Change Climate Change is a very "hot" (and, admittedly, controversial) topic that easily engages students. This site, from the Beringia Interpretative Centre in Canada's Yukon, gives plenty of information about how climate has changed since the ice ages. It covers:

Smithsonian Education: Prehistoric Climate Change

This IdeaLab allows users to do a virtual analysis of prehistoric leaves to explore climate change that happened millions of years ago. By examining the leaves and performing based on formulas that are provided, users can determine the average temperature of