Colin Powell Middle School

Name:Colin Powell Middle School

Colin Powell Middle School, located in Matteson, Illinois, opened its doors in August 2006. The school's Website is in its infancy, but the parent who nominated the site reports that teachers and students are already making great use of the site to post curriculum and materials for learning.

How to use the site:
Parent Stacy Harris writes, "My child is a student at CPMS and I am greatly impressed how much is on this site already for my child to keep up with classes." The 6th and 7th grade teams have posted grade level Home pages and extensive links to Science Resources. Parents and students can also access course outlines and activities for instructional technology courses offered to grades 6-8. The Internet Resource Center and Project Web areas offer additional links to sites across a variety of content areas.

Submitted by: Stacy Harris (The parent did not provide an email address. The Webmaster's email address is