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Cool e-Math

Name:Cool e-Math

Christopher Cooley teaches seventh-grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra at Franklin Regional Middle School, which is located in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. His classroom Web site is used daily by him and by his students as a tool for teaching and learning.

How to use the site:
Designed specifically for use with his students, Cooley’s Web site is not sophisticated graphically, and it takes some exploring to find some of the great ideas described here. But it’s worth the effort. For example, Cooley uses an interactive whiteboard and Web-based manipulatives with his students on a daily basis. Click on the “Cool e-Info†link and the “Electronic Whiteboard†link to see how this tool is being used. The Links area highlights a variety of interesting Web resources including virtual manipulatives, an interactive math dictionary for students, and more.

Submitted by:
Susan Brooks-Young