Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy, Inc. Education Web Page

Name:Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy, Inc. Education Web Page

Brief Description of the Site:
Dennis Kunkel, a photomicrographer, creatively shares photos taken with a scanning electron microscope. The site uses many interactive features. It is science and photography through a microscope.

How to use the site:
Students operate a "JavaScript SEM", scanning electron microscope, to view samples, "Zoom In" on tiny creatures, view the "Most Wanted Bugs", and search the "Image Library" of scanned images. Older students will enjoy the "Expert" SEM, while the "Student" choice may be best for the younger. Students can be specific in searching the Image Library, or just browse the choices offered. Teachers can give their students a view of the microcosm with Kunkel's Microscopy Education site.

Submitted by:
Ken Royal