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Do Our Students Measure Up? How to Define and Assess Student Technology Proficiency

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Are our students as tech savvy as we think they are? Sure, they can multi-task with iPod, cell phone, YouTube and MySpace, but can they design an effective presentation or create a graph in a spreadsheet? In order for schools to turn out graduates who are proficient in technology, institutions must first have an accurate means of measuring students' technology literacy. Read this eBook to understand how to accurately define and measure technology proficiency to guide your assessment efforts. Discover how districts are using Web-delivered authentic assessment tools to gauge student technology literacy, and how they are using the important data they gain to inform instruction and meet accountability requirements.

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If you Google “K12 assessment,” more than 11 million results pop up. Between state assessments, formative assessments, summative assessments, and student portfolios, that’s an awful lot of evaluation going on.

Measuring Up in a Flat World

from Technology & Learning Pioneering groups are reforming curriculum to prepare students for the global digital workforce. When President James Monroe was crafting the Monroe Doctrine back in 1823 to prevent foreign inter ests from encroaching on American territory, the notion of a global economy undeterred by

How Proficient Are Participants?

Tip: It’s important to know workshop participants’ proficiency levels, but how do you figure it out? Here are two ways you can ask participants to give you a quick assessment: For each technology or activity, ask participants to hold up five fingers if they use that technology with students, three if they’re