Dolores Gende: PhysicsQuest

Name:Dolores Gende: PhysicsQuest

Brief Description of the Site:
Educator Delores Gende has created this web site containing 17 Physics inquiry-oriented activities that follow the main guidelines of a WebQuest. Topics include Mechanics, Electricity, Light and Optics and Astronomy. AP Physics, College Prep Physics, and Honors Physics are all included for the high school physics student to explore. Simulations and a virtual physics lab art just some of the resources college bound students might want to visit.

How to use the site:
The site, designed as a WebQuest, links to numerous resources that present physics in a variety of ways that include commercial and education sites. Many of the sites make use of the web's dynamic aspects (audio and video files) and not only offer links to many aspects of physics, but provide enough sites that compile a bibliography any physics enthusiast would be pleased to acquire.

Submitted by:
Dolores Gende
Atlanta, Georgia