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Ecosystems and Conservation

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Ecosystems and Conservation

Investigate ecosystems and their value to humans, biomes, and conservation with these interactive maps. There is a special focus on Kenya and conservation of elephants. Additional maps and trends are provided towards the bottom of this page.

National Geographic: Earth Pulse

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Biomes of the World, Freshwater Ecosystems, Saltwater Ecosystems

Name: Biomes of the World, Freshwater Ecosystems, Saltwater Ecosystems Brief Description of the Site: Biomes of the World, Freshwater Ecosystems, and Saltwater Ecosystems is an organized and convenient Web site for habitat research. Each topic leads to subheadings with essential questions answered, links to

Conservation International

Articles, videos, and photos on topics of world conservation such as green health, air quality and climate change. Discover species, explore critical places and learn about the issues. courtesy of netTrekker

Antarctic Conservation Blog

Antarctic Conservation Blog From London's Natural History Museum comes this fascinating look at the mysterious Antarctic with text, wonderful photographs, and many informative links. Especially interesting are the discussions of Shackleton's expedition and a look at his actual camp.