Editors Desk: Edtech’s Best

Since 1982, T&L has sought out and celebrated the best in education technology through our annual Awards of Excellence. The contest used to be a simple review of speeds and feeds: What was the fastest dot matrix printer? How long did it take for that 2400 baud modem to connect? How did your students take to Oregon Trail?

It’s not that easy anymore. As the tech used in schools has become more sophisticated, so has the way we judge it. Speeds and feeds don’t cut it when you are analyzing content management systems or a reading curriculum package. We want to know about how these products and services improve teaching and learning through the stories of those who use them.

First, we asked the manufacturers who submitted products to provide us with case studies about how districts have been putting their technology through its paces. Then, we reached out to a number of our esteemed advisors, edtech leaders from around the country who manage tech for school districts, to get their take on the entries.

Advisors selected 10 finalists in three categories—Best use of edtech in a classroom, school, or district. All finalists will be invited to a special reception at the TCEA show in San Antonio, TX next month, where the top winners for each category will be announced. Be sure to follow @Techlearning on Twitter and online at techlearning.com to find who will be the big winners in case you can’t wait for the April print issue. Congratulations and good luck to all the finalists!

— Kevin Hogan
    Managing Director, Content