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eLearning for Kids: Colds and Flu

Learn the causes of colds and the flu and how to avoid them.
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Feeling achy? Runny nose? Feeling achy? Runny nose? Learn the multiple causes of colds and the flu and how to avoid them. Also, get to know the symptoms of colds and the flu and how to tell them apart. Thankfully, this resource also dispenses some advice on how to treat these maladies and a short quiz to test your knowledge.

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Online Safety Project for Kids,Tweens and Teens

 Do your students you know the dangers surfing the web and how to avoid them?  Kids can follow the links to learn how to surf safely. Wired Kids includes information for children, parents, educators and others in the community.courtesy of

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Fight the cold and flu season with a little knowledge. Teach students the causes and symptoms, how to avoid getting sick, and what they can do to get better.

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