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Engineering Your Future

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The Engineering and Science Foundation invites students to explore this site in order to gather information about a future engineering career. Information is provided on various fields such as chemical and biomedical. Site also lists important classes related to the field of engineering to take while still in high school. There is even a section for parents to help them help their children explore engineering options.

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TEOMA Search Engine

Name: TEOMA Search Engine Brief Description of the Site: This is a relatively new search engine recently acquired by Ask Jeeves. With search engines selling more and more of their real estate (the first few sites that come up as results of a search) one must always look to new sources for mining information on

Smithsonian: Engineering the Wright Way

This interactive provides students with an opportunity to become an aeronautical engineer by using their engineering skills or developing new ones to design and test airplane wings based on the methods of the Wright Brothers.

Poetry Idea Engine

Interactive, colorful activity with animation that teaches about four different kinds of poetry Haiku, Limerick, Cinquain, and Free Verse. Select a type for an explanation and an opportunity to write an example. courtesy of netTrekker