E-rate 2.0 & Wi-Fi: What you need to know about e-rate and Wi-Fi success factors

E-rate 2.0 & Wi-Fi: What you need to know about e-rate and Wi-Fi success factors

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014 2:00 pm EST / 11:00 am PST

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Schools are faced with the daunting challenge of advancing to 21st century learning with 1:1 or BYOD initiatives—while dealing with limited IT budgets and support. The newly updated E-Rate program can bridge this gap by paying for some or most of a district’s Wi-Fi expenses, but IT managers should be wary of focusing too much on the initial price, rather than choosing the right vendor and the total cost of ownership.
In this webinar, you will learn from Jim Kerr, an E-Rate expert, about the latest E-Rate changes that can help you expand Wi-Fi at your schools. Ashley Cooper of Person County Schools will share lessons learned from their district’s Wi-Fi selection process.

Join us to learn about:

• New E-Rate discounts, product eligibility and program changes
• Best practices for vendor selection
• Lessons learned and the true cost of Wi-Fi ownership


Jim Kerr

Mr. Kerr’s technology and marketing experience spans more than 30 years. His skills and capabilities include project management in the area of voice/data communications systems design, selection, and implementation integration, as well as facilities and wiring design, systems integration, and financial analysis. Mr. Kerr has experience from engagements at facilities encompassing operations, development, acquisition procurement, and strategic planning. He has put particular emphasis over the last 10 years on the FCC’s Erate program and the K-12 education vertical. Mr. Kerr has served as an Executive Director for a publicly traded, national consulting firm, specializing in voice and data communications. During his tenure, he consulted on a wide variety of projects in numerous industries.

Also Presenting:

Ashley Cooper
Director, Accountability, HomeBase, Technology, Media
Person County (NC) Schools

13 years in K-12 education, 6 years teaching, 4 years School Administrator and 3 years District Administrator.

Jason Clayton
Technology Coordinator
Person County (NC) Schools

Been in the IT field since 2001. Worked in K-12 education for the past 8 years.