Eyewitness to History.com

Name:Eyewitness to History.com

Brief Description of the Site:
History buffs and teachers of social studies have an excellent student resource. Broken down by century, students can find solid historical information, usually a page long, describing events, people or places. The "Snapshots" link (early photography in historical context) and "Voices" where audio clips of famous notable events and speeches can be heard make history come alive and guaranteed to keep students coming back to the site for more information.

How to use the site:
Be sure to use the tool bar at the top to explore the various categories available within each century. While this site has much to offer, it's not overbearing and easy to navigate. Be aware that the toolbar at the bottom, while identical to the one on top, has dead links. In "Snapshots" the photos are interactive with mouseovers that link to pop-ups that provide additional information. The "Promised Land" link, an immigration photo, opens to information on the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire of 1911. The index gives a chronological listing of all historical events covered by the site and might be the easiest to use when searching for a particular event. Otherwise, the categories by century provide a good departure point for students beginning research.

Submitted by:
Laurie Davis (Columbia, MD)