Fairforest Middle School

Name:Fairforest Middle School

Brief Description of the Site:
Located in Spartanburg, SC, Fairforest Middle School serves grades 6-8. Teachers use the site to launch learning journeys for students and to communicate school news to community stakeholders.

How to use the site:
Each grade level link on the Home page leads to a listing of teachers and at least one Internet-based activity for students. For example, the Grade 7 page currently features a categorized Hotlist of sites related to project topics for the 60’s and a WebQuest called Discovering China. The School News page features an interesting option. Site visitors may click on a link to learn about the books teachers and students are currently reading. In addition to titles used in class, the list includes the books most frequently checked out from the library and a teacher list of favorite books for the year. The Keyboarding Class link on the Exploratory Classes page includes links to several free Web-based typing tutorials that will be useful to any teacher looking for tools to help students improve their keyboarding skills.

Submitted by: Janet Bowman