Finding Your Own Frog Prince

Is the idea of comparing texts overwhelming to your students? Are you looking to engage your students in ways that involve higher depths of knowledge? This Kennedy Center ArtsEdge unit contains a series of lessons that involve students working with the traditional Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, "The Frog Prince." Students will work with a sequel to the fairy tale entitled "The Frog Prince Continued," by Jon Scieszka. After several close readings, students will create improvised scenes and songs to accompany the sequel. Innovatively, students will combine their songs to create a mini-musical that will accompany Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods. Options for more depth study will be provided with a number of additional traditional Grimm Brothers fairy tales. As the students prepare for the final performance assessment, students will have the opportunity to read, write, revise, dramatize, and engage as they create, innovate, collaborate, and communicate.

Courtesy of Knovation