Franklin Remixed; Ben: The Good, the Bad and Ugly

Franklin Remixed; Ben: The Good, the Bad and Ugly

Four prominent Philadelphia organizations — the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary, the Rosenbach Museum and Library, the University of the Arts, and Night Kitchen Media — joined together to design this first-of-its-kind educational program using two Franklin-themed exhibitions as raw material — the Rosenbach's "Poor Richard's: Anatomy of an Almanac" and the Tercentenary's "Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World." The results of the project launched on May 19 when students from The Philadelphia School presented Franklin Remixed — an online exhibition created for middle schools students by middle schools students. Yes, students learned how to do podcasts, load content onto their web pages, work with graphics and more — but perhaps most important was using technology to increase the level of content comprehension the students acquired when faced with the task of writing label copy for their artifacts. They truly had to know their subject matter in order to articulate its significance to their Franklin theme.

Students from The Philadelphia School

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Sharon Murphy