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Giftedness and Learning Disabilities

Learn how giftedness can mask a learning disability and vice versa
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In recognition of October as Learning Disabilities month, learn how giftedness can mask a learning disability and vice versa. Evaluating students for their strengths and weaknesses can help identify abilities that are so strong as to indicate giftedness, or so weak as to point toward a learning disability. Special programs might need to be implemented for the gifted learning-disabled student. This site makes suggestions of teaching strategies for these students and how to approach some problems that the gifted learning disabled may encounter in the classroom. Help parents become advocates for their paradoxical children so they can understand their special needs.

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Students with Disabilities Excel in Summer Work Program promo image

Students with Disabilities Excel in Summer Work Program

A six-week summer work program at Intermediate School District 287 in Plymouth, Minnesota trained students with disabilities in document imaging tasks, and was so successful that the district has decided to make it a regular part of its training opportunities starting this fall. 

Audio Books for Students with Print Disabilities

A teacher has asked about how to find audio tapes or CDs of textbooks for students with reading disabilities. Where should we begin to look? Start with the Reading for the Blind & Dyslexic website. This non-profit organization offers thousands of titles on CD for K-12 students, including textbooks.