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Google Gaining Ground On Us Edtech Market

Google Gaining Ground On Us Edtech Market

The Kahoot! EdTrends Report, a new quarterly report, addresses the latest edtech trends in the K–12 market. Key findings of the first report include:

● Google is gaining a stronghold in classrooms, with Chrome OS growing quickly for computers, Apple’s iOS dominating on mobile devices and tablets, and Microsoft holding its ground with classroom computers, especially among teachers.
● Google Classroom/G Suite for Education is the most popular productivity suite in classrooms.
● The biggest incentive for educators to adopt edtech is improving student productivity—specifically: to improve student learning and outcomes, to motivate students, and to encourage student engagement.
● In the coming school year, schools will see the increased use of digital platforms for teaching, learning, and assessment, as well as the rise of personalized learning.
● Educators in public schools are grappling with budget constraints and lack of resources, while the biggest challenge for private school teachers is lack of training in new technology.

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