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History Now: Perspectives on the Fourth of July

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Find out the background behind the Fourth of July holiday, the date of which may have been just an accident. Included is a great lesson plan that examines the importance of the birth of our nation. Included are position papers that offer different views on the impact of the Declaration of Independence. The site provides the materials necessary for implementing this lesson in PDF form, the essential question, the procedure to follow, and summary questions. Interestingly, the Fourth of July did not become a federal holiday until 1941.

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Fourth of July Celebrations Database

 This database was begun in 1995 by James Heintze, Librarian at American University, Washington, D.C. Its purpose is to bring together in one source selected examples of Fourth of July celebrations that have occurred throughout our nation's history from 1776

Native American Perspective

Pdf version of a brochure written by the Circle of Tribal Advisors, the Indian group connected with the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Reenactment. Writing from the perspective that Lewis and Clark's journey foreshadowed future sorrow, the authors still welcome visitors,

Mrs. Grover's Fourth Grade Class

Name: Mrs. Grover’s Fourth Grade Class Kay Grover teaches fourth grade at West Elementary School in Independence, Iowa. She uses her classroom site to share current classroom happenings with parents and students. The site also provides a showcase for student work and online resources for use in the classroom

The Living History Farm

Name: The Living History Farm Brief Description of the Site: Wessel's Living History Farm presents innovations in agriculture from the perspective of York County, Nebraska. Members of the Wessel Family, who first came from Germany to the U.S. in 1881, have chronicled farm life in a way that can provide students

History of Jamestown

Name: History of Jamestown Brief Description of the Site: The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities provides this online history of Jamestown with information on topics from the Virginia Company to archeological research. It includes recent discoveries. In the Exhibits section, there is a