Hitting The Target, Learning Angles Through Sports

Name:Hitting The Target, Learning Angles Through Sports

Brief Description of the Site:
Here's an original approach to learning geometry, specifically angles. "Hitting the Target" is designed to help children develop a better understanding of angles through games that students can play individually or with others (a collaborative approach). Because children can relate to sports, it can be an excellent vehicle for teaching mathematics. Students choose a sport, and the game involving that sport begins.

How to use the site:
The learning process is based on a linear learning method, starting with snooker (measuring angles), then football (right-angles) and then tennis or cricket (acute and obtuse angles). Topics with links to explore are calculating and measuring angles, recognizing familiar types of angles, recognizing right-angles, how to recognize acute and obtuse angles. Definitely a cool site.

Submitted by:
Simon Jobling
Walsall, West Midlands UK