HMH Science Dimensions

HMH Science Dimensions Price: Varies according to the package. HMH offers Premium, Hybrid, and Digital packages.

HMH Science Dimensions is an online learning platform created to specifically address the learning outcomes and performance expectations outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards. It employs authentic approaches and includes digital and hands-on resources and projects for science and engineering instruction.

Quality and Effectiveness: HMH Science Dimensions incorporates high-quality content provided by well-known experts in their respective fields. Its discovery-based approach integrates the “Three Dimensions of Learning and Performance Expectations”: Science and engineering practices; Disciplinary core ideas; Cross-content concepts.

These three dimensions, along with “spiraling” performance expectations that scale up throughout the grade levels, make for a well-thought-out and high-quality product that balances screen time with hands-on work.

Ease of Use: The HMH Science Dimensions platform is very easy for both teachers and students to navigate. The layout is intuitive and allows both students and teachers to see assignments as well as reports, resources, and a planner. Students also have an “Evidence Notebook,” to write down notes and information to improve writing skills. The site loads quickly and has an excellent set of help resources and tutorials. Teachers can easily manage accounts and classes and students can navigate smoothly through all of their assignments. [Editor’s Note: Beginning in 2017, HMH Science Dimensions will be available on Ed, HMH’s new online learning system.]

Creative Use of Technology: HMH Science Dimensions uses technology creatively and thoughtfully to ensure a balanced approach to teaching the Next Generation Science Standards. With its spiraling approach to teaching and learning, in addition to quality professional development and pedagogical resources for teachers, it is an innovative product that is easy to use.

The product also incorporates some of the latest virtual reality technology, Google Expeditions, to take students on virtual field trips to reinforce their learning. Some of the features include videos, 3D animations, interactive activities, and engineering tasks at all grade levels.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: HMH Science Dimensions is designed from the ground up so students and teachers can not only read and see the concepts but actually experience them in a variety of ways.


HMH Science Dimensions is an excellent and well-rounded solution that balances screen time with hands-on learning. Teachers and students will find it a very effective tool for teaching the Next Generation Science Standards.


• Incorporates quality, real-world resources and multimedia to teach content to students in an enjoyable way.

• The interactive student edition scaffolds and builds on learning from year to year.

• The well-designed and easy-to-use interface gives students and teachers ready access to all of their resources.