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How to Extract More Value from Your PC Investments

How to Extract More Value from Your PC Investments

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Educators need state-of-the-art PC technology to keep up with demanding computer-based assessments and advanced educational programs, but if you simply discard those older machines you may be throwing money out the door.

PCs are more durable than ever, and performance may be good enough for many baseline needs in areas ranging from early grades and special classrooms to community-based learning or the town library resource center.

Before recycling those assets, consider extracting more value by repurposing them. Education-built devices from Lenovo®, powered by Intel® processors, are designed for extreme longevity and durability, making them ideal candidates for repurposing down the road.

Download Tough Durability Decisions: A Good Problem to Have, a white paper sponsored by Lenovo® and Intel®, to discover the many options for repurposing and recycling aging computers, and analyze the trade-offs in terms of increased maintenance and support costs.