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Instructor: Serving Up Economics

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Economics is often called “the dismal science.” There is such a great need for everyone to have a greater understanding of economics, so it’s a good idea to start that education with elementary students. This lesson plan gives students hands-on, real-life experience in economics with a restaurant project. The lesson plan outlines the many steps that need to be taken to start up a restaurant and the ways to connect economics to other parts of the curriculum. Help students prepare for the real world by introducing concepts of economics to their study.

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The Spy Who Served Me

March is National Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is the celebration of women of character, courage, and commitment.

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 The PBS news program Frontline provides a fascinating report complete with interviews of those closest to the matter, timeline, analysis, and more. You can even view the entire television episode online.  courtesy of netTrekker

Refocusing in these Tough Economic Times

Are you overworked with not enough time to do your work? Are your students losing interest in the content? How do you bring back the joy of teaching when it seems like everything may be falling apart around you? Normal

Manchester Up Close

Name: Manchester Up Close Brief Description of the Site: This site teaches 14 - 16 year olds the concepts of urbanization using the city of Manchester to demonstrate concepts. Urban issues are conveyed through tutorials, allowing multiple visitors in a game-like format. A history of urbanization is presented