Interactive Whiteboard App Offers Impressive Learning Potential

Interactive whiteboard inspires learning beyond the blank page.
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Interactive whiteboard inspires learning beyond the blank page.

Title: Scoodle Jam
Summary: Interactive whiteboard inspires learning beyond the blank page .

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Pros: Whimsical visual style and thoughtfully designed templates make for a rich space for guided exploration and creativity.
Cons: Facebook-linked sharing options work unevenly and feel a little intrusive. Saving to the photo library can be cumbersome and a little uneven.
Bottom Line: Scoodle Jam offers kids just enough guidance to inspire and plenty of open space to create. Its best bet for learning comes with consistent guidance and feedback from teachers and parents.

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Study: Interactive whiteboards boost pre-school learning

The first research to study the use of interactive whiteboard technology in preschools appears to show that the SMART Board™ solution developed by HATCH® – the TeachSmart® Learning System – can be used successfully with preschool children to affect student gains in core early literacy and math skills.

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About Interactive Whiteboards Interactive whiteboards are large writable display screens (usually in white color) that can be connected to a computer, allowing its screen to be displayed on the board through a projector. They are also sometimes referred to as

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Sidebar: ACTIVBoard Lessons Used in the Study In today’s society both children in educational settings and adults in workplaces are exposed to a wide assortment of information technology that allows learning and production of knowledge to take place in a variety of ways. Walter McKenzie, the Instructional