John Peter Zenger Lives: Editorial and Opinion

Name:John Peter Zenger Lives: Editorial and Opinion

Brief Description of the Site:
Named for the Colonial-era printer whose name is synonymous with freedom of the press, this page is a portal to editorial and Op-Ed pieces from newspapers across the country. Clicking on a link brings up that specific newspaper site. To make navigation easier the items are arranged both by category and alphabetically by newspaper. As one would imagine, the categories reflect the issues of the day, with both Iraq and 9/11 at the top of the page. However there are also categories for Economy, Elections, Culture, Education, Washington, Arts & Media, and even Sports. There is also an alphabetical list of the best-known columnists, from Jimmy Breslin (New York Newsday) to George F. Will (Washington Post) and a search engine that scans the archives.

How to use the site:
Obviously teachers of journalism and/or school newspaper faculty advisors will want to bookmark and recommend this site. In addition most language arts and social studies teachers will want to make use of this site. The former will welcome the countless opportunities it offers to demonstrate persuasive essay and personal opinion writing. Another possible use is as a composition starter (defend or refute the opinion of this editorial/column/Op-Ed piece). The latter can use it with classes studying a particular social issue, in compare/contrast exercises of various newspaper policies, in surveys of right- versus left-leaning editorial slant, and in many other ways that the truly creative teacher will instantly recognize.