Kids Click: A Web Search for Kids by Librarians

Name:Kids Click: A Web Search for Kids by Librarians

Brief Description of the Site:
As the title indicates, the site is by librarians to help kids. Its appearance is Yahoo-like but upon closer scrutiny, the topics differ. Under Facts and Reference the first subcategory is (a sign of the times), linking to government web sites with facts about terrorism and courses of action to take. "Weird and Mysterious" has an assortment of interesting links to "monsters", "ghosts", and other timely seasonal subjects. Then there are the familiar and dependable (and very useful) social sciences whose sub groupings include Geography, History, and Biography. Of particular interest might be the Individual Authors section under literature that includes biographies and interviews.

How to use the site:
Choose one of the topics that links to subcategories, or use the search box at the top, which offers an advanced search option as well. For those planning a visit to the library to supplement a search, a must is the "What does this site look like to a librarian?" link at the bottom of the page which changes the page into categories as they would appear under the Dewey Decimal System. A click on "literature" becomes the 800 number series further broken into folkore, biography, etc. by number. The site has a sense of humor (a link to "Yahooligans Body Sounds" packed with valuable information, as further demonstrated by the section, with "perfect event sounds for your PC", speeches, and nature sounds, among the many offerings. Useful, user friendly, reliable, and a safe site to which teachers can direct their students. This is an excellent classroom resource.

Submitted by:
Mark Sheneerson